Sunday, August 17, 2008

Taking a walk

Yesterday I took my son for a walk. It was a beautiful day and it was just to great a day to stay in side any longer. I had been cleaning since my husband had taken our girls fishing. My son kept going to the door and indicating that he wanted to go play outside. So I scooped him up and off we went for a little walk.
This walk shows that living in a small town can also be a very good thing. You can walk down the street and hear the birds chirp, the sound of someone mowing their grass in the distance and you can feel a cool breeze drift your way. You walk down the middle of the street because there are no sidewalks, but dont worry about cars they are carefull and as they pass by they smile and wave hi to you even if they dont know you.
You know that your kids can ride their bikes around town and they will be safe. You can let your children play in the front yard without worrying that someone is hiding behind the bushes watching them waiting to snach them up. Everyone is friendly and watches out for each other in a small town.
You can go to the ball park to watch a little league game and its like the whole town showed up. Does not matter if its their kids playing or not people are there to support the town team. Kids are playing, parents are talking and friendships are made.
This place may be small but it has a big heart. People care about one another and you know that you can go around town and feel safe.
So maybe a small town is not so bad after all. I may miss my shopping but hey its nice to live in a neighboorhood where I feel safe to let my kids play outside by themselves, where I can take a walk and not be worried about whats around the corner. Its nice to get that fresh air without taking in some smog too.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Whats a shopoholic to do

Ok, I grew up like 2 blocks from the mall. I would go there whenever I was board just to look around. When I lived in Virginia I did the same thing. I would be board so I would just go window shopping. Its great exersize just walking and walking all around until you have seen everything there is to see. Especially since the mall in Virgnia was 2 stories, lots of walking in that mall. So After my first daughter was born you could find me there alot pushing her stroller around looking at the window displays and the people walking around. After all she was born in winter so getting some exersize to get back to my prepregnancy body was easy to do at the mall.

Now here I am living a hour away from a really really nice mall, about 30 mins away from a ok mall. I used to be like 5 min away. Around here we have Walmart, Walmart and oh did I menchin we have a Walmart!!! I swear does not matter what direction I go in with in 30 min I will hit a Super Walmart! It makes it very hard to shop when you are looking for something specific.

So its back to school time and that means shopping for school supplies and new school clothes. So where to I go for all that. Walmart. With gas prices being what they are I really dont want to have to drive that hour to go to the good mall with all the good shopping and sales, I will just stick close to home this year. Walmart and the local thrift store they have become my best friends.

So what is a girl who likes to shop to do? Nothing, absolutly Nothing. At least not until gas really comes down or I get me a vechicle that gets like 35 miles per gallon.
Just a reason why living in the middle of no where is not all that great!

Middle of No where

I live in the middle of no where. Well thats how I see it. I grew up in California, lived 15 miles from the beach, 2 blocks from the mall. Everything was easy to get to and now I live thousands of miles from the beach and a hour from a decent mall. I have lived in this area now for 3 years and still I have not fully adjusted. Its just SOOOOO much different from what I grew up with and how my life was in Virginia where I lived when I was in the Army. There is nothing to do around here, you have to drive to get anywhere. So here I am trying to make friends and stay sane when all I want to do sometimes is SCREAM and run away from this place.
This is what you get when you fall in love with a guy from a small town.